There are many colleges and universities available today where you can study just about anything. You can choose from traditional disciplines like law and medicine to atypical fields like exotic reptile husbandry and archaeology. But how do you decide which one is right for you and how do you navigate the wide range of options? Some simple advice.
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What are you good at? [Unlike high school, studying in college is more intensive and you have the opportunity to choose exactly what you are good at. Are you good at math, physics, or biology, but can\’t write a misspelled shopping list? If so, a career in the sciences is for you. Or conversely, do you think you can write beautiful essays, reports, and novels, but anything more complex than three sounds like a Spanish village? Maybe you should try journalism or even language studies. Another good idea is to take a career path test, either online or with a school psychologist. This test will reveal your strengths and weaknesses and help you find the right career for you.
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Choices and Questions
Once you have decided on a major, the next step is to decide on a school. Various comparisons of the same major at different schools, career fairs, and personal experiences of students will help guide you. Go to open days and find out what the atmosphere of the school is like, how the students feel, what the professors are like, and how the place as a whole will affect you. Don\’t forget to take a walk around the neighborhood and check out dorm access, parking, public transportation, and other services. Don\’t worry if your dream school isn\’t the closest to where you live; it\’s not too far from where you live.

Is college really for you?
What if I don\’t want to go to college? It can happen. Many people want to do things before they graduate that they don\’t think college is necessary. So remember, going to college is a right, not an obligation, and no one has the right to control your life. But consider the option of community college, which offers a more practical curriculum and is excellent preparation for many careers.
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In general, the most important thing in choosing a college is to make a real decision for yourself and not be swayed by the hopes and pressures of those around you. After all, it is primarily your life and all about your future.