Modern corporations employ many employees who would not otherwise be able to support themselves. This creates a dependence on a lifestyle that many companies take advantage of. And this will sooner or later lead to their extinction. All human beings are replaceable, and this is true for the human population, as companies are pretended to be called.

The corporation as “producer” can be compared to the planet Sun in the horoscope. In the horoscope, the Sun forms rough conjunctions with many planets. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. All planets are in the sign of Capricorn and in the 4th house. So let\’s talk about the so-called “family” companies that today\’s horoscope focuses on.
firmy v očích astrologie

Such small businesses appear to be beginning to prosper, but the Moon node opposites warn of karmic problems. A company is like a destiny given to us as a result of our good or bad actions. The Moon Node is in Pisces and is associated with the past and a spectrum of unseen spiritual energies. In short, unethical behavior and injustice must be avoided or it could have disastrous consequences for the company.

The close conjunction of Pluto and Saturn suggests that if the employees as well as the end customers feel cheated in some way, the entire company structure will collapse. The so-called collapse may come from outside and may not be of the nature of a natural disaster. It could be someone who unwittingly disintegrates the entire group through a change in attitude within the company, which could manifest itself as unethical behavior toward colleagues, employees, or customers.
spojení Saturna a Pluta ve firmách

The overall astrological situation is lightened somewhat by the Jupiter-Sun conjunction trine Neptune. That could mean a vacation or more rest to handle demanding work tasks. This is also the key to resolving tense situations that companies are prone to due to the position of these “stars.”

Therefore, one should not forget to take regular rest and relaxation. Relaxation can be induced, for example, by massages and relaxation techniques, which help us and our companies a lot.