Everyone has an image in their mind. This is called the archetype. In other words, it is an idea that is familiar to us and with which we would like to identify. [because otherwise we would not be successful as businessmen.There are many companies, but only some brands remain in people\’s memories. People choose the ones they identify with and are familiar with, and can be expected to be loyal to those brands. There are four basic archetypes. People have four basic desire orientations:

1)Belonging-focused on people
2)Aversion-focused on self-realization
3)Stability-focused on control
4)Risk – focus on success

But we will not be satisfied with such a foundation, a more detailed division is the 12-item division. Their names are: the creator, the caretaker, the ruler, the clown, our companion, the lover, the hero, the outlaw, the magician, the innocent, the discoverer, the sage
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Application in our company

Each of these archetypes is characterized by different ideas, has different foundations, and of course its pluses and minuses. It is up to us to choose the one that best suits our company and to follow it. We need to know which customers we are targeting and observe their reactions and opinions. This is also why surveys on websites are important, for example. Let\’s take a model example. Magician vs. Caregiver

Magician vs. Caregiver

Suppose there are two brands in the market, one with the Magician archetype and the other with the Caregiver archetype. [50] The company with the caregiver archetype emphasizes providing flawless and perfect customer service [51] so that customers do not suffer any damage, [52] while the company with the magician archetype shows customers what dreams they can achieve [53]. And if you want to be a good businessman, maybe miracles can happen.