There is much talk about the transition known as menopause as it relates to women. After menopause, they can no longer conceive, suffer from a variety of physical ailments, and are more prone to bone fractures due to calcium loss as they age. They are frightened by heart palpitations, unable to cope with mood swings, and irritable. Hormones just work the way they like. It is important to note that not all women have menopause. As a rule, women who are women and are reconciled to the fact that the signs of aging never stop, but who can accept them with their own resourcefulness, do not suffer from the problems associated with transition. And when such problems do arise, she is so intimate that she does not feel them.
žena se svěřuje jiné ženě

I have had experience with female friends who have or have not suffered the ill effects of menopause. And what I have noticed is that my friends who have never worried about which wrinkles have increased, who live in happy relationships with their partners, who do not mind going for walks, who exercise regularly at least once a week, and who have “it” sorted out in their own minds, do not know what menopause is. On the contrary, she enjoys being able to have sex without fear of pregnancy. No hormones or contraceptives are needed. Such women are happy and do not suffer from the health complications that come with menopause.
smějící se žena
On the other hand, my friend who literally fears aging, does everything she can to look young and healthy, does not eat properly to avoid gaining weight, and uses expensive creams and essential hyaluronic acid is not happy. She doesn\’t even seem to have a balanced partnership. Despite being married, she does not speak acceptably of her husband. So she is not happy inside. Do you think this woman will also miss menopause? No, I don\’t think so. She is like a walking pharmacy. She wonders why she is having these problems and not other women.
Perhaps it touches a little on how we feel inside ourselves as women, how we can be content and happy with what nature has given us. How can we enjoy life, have interests and hobbies, and fulfill our desires?