A certain sense of attachment to a partner, it “forces” us to give him everything we can. but watch out! It is not an exchange of “something for something” as many think, but an act of good will in which we act on our own beliefs and expect nothing in return. That\’s probably the biggest difference, because many relationships are based only on gratitude, that is, as long as you give me, I give you and we are all happy and how do you know if your relationship is true love or gratitude that keeps it together? Very easily. After all, each and every one of you has happened that he became ill and could not do everything 100% as before. In the next paragraph, I will try to explain individual feelings.

¨Láska, polibek

This feeling moves love towards a lasting relationship, but rather than being truly harmonious, we are “just” grateful to our partner for giving us exactly what we expect in life. A kind of security of economic income, and therefore a certain standard of living, not only intimate life, but also, for example, the upbringing of children and the formation of a full family. Such a relationship may seem very idyllic on the surface, but, as already mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is based on an implicit contract of giving and receiving.
Žena, muž, spojení

It is also called passion. Giving is also a matter of giving, which is very different from gratitude, but these feelings are often indistinguishable from each other. The difference is that when it comes to love, one would give for the other, but not expect anything to come back. Even if the other person does not want what is offered, we will not stop, we can wait, because over time everyone can change their mind. This feeling is also different in that it is not selfish, every time we let others decide whether they want a relationship or not. In addition, there is great respect and admiration between partners, which is also absent in the previous case.

Now it is up to each of you to determine which relationship is the relationship you are currently experiencing.