Graduation, or, in other words, the ordeal of adulthood, is an important milestone in life for most people. In today\’s world, anyone without a high school diploma is considered inferior, unimportant, and useless to society. Of course, this is a simplistic and utterly nonsensical view, which unfortunately is becoming more and more prevalent.
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Nowadays, people actually value each other based on their educational background. Basically, while it may be true in many cases that the more educated a person is, the more intelligent he or she is, this is not true for all.
What is it about people who are not well-rounded that makes them suffer in their studies? He will study if he has to, but why should he do something he doesn\’t enjoy when he could instead be a great sculptor, artist, mason, etc.? Can we mark this manin advance?
He is surely uneducated
, but he is surely stupid

Does graduation really matter?
1. Employment – Without a high school diploma, it is difficult to get a job today. With the basic level of education, it is no surprise that the fields of study without a high school diploma are slowly disappearing.
2. Society – As already outlined in the previous section, it is a natural consequence that highly educated people also have a higher social status. It does not take into account the fact that another less educated person may be far more skilled, experienced, or intelligent than he or she is.
3. Education – Of course, a high school diploma may be required, but one would not entrust plans to build a house to someone with only a basic education. But if a lowly bricklayer would suffice, and that would fill the bill, then why not?
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In all aspects of life, education is important and, dare I say, gradually becoming inadequate these days. But we must also consider that not everyone wants to study and should not be condemned for it.