After years of living in apartments and houses, I have moved cupboards away from the walls and noticed that not only the backs of the cupboards but even the walls are covered with an unsightly dark layer. Yes, as is generally known, this is indeed a noxious visitor. Molds and their poisons are called mycotoxins, and fortunately, not only are there a variety of anti-mold products available, but also a variety of prevention methods.
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Fungus has been following humanity on a larger scale since the late 20th century. This is due to our own disturbance of the environment through over-chemification and accumulation of toxic waste. According to experts, mold is not only present in man\’s outer world, i.e., the surrounding environment, but is also increasing in the internal environment of our dwellings. Mold has a serious impact on human health because it causes many serious diseases. The danger of mold is that it releases dangerous spores, which can cause tears, runny nose, irritating coughs, headaches, fatigue, and other allergic reactions.
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How to get rid of mold

When mold is found in a home, everyone becomes concerned about getting rid of it. Today, the conditions are so favorable for mold growth and development that eliminating mold has become a pressing issue. So what are the best ways to kill mold at home? Perhaps the bestis disinfection, a process designed to stop the spread of harmful microorganisms. The most widely used method here is chemical, which kills or stops the growth of harmful microorganisms through the effect of chemicals. Disinfectants with bactericidal effects include chemically active substances such as active chlorine, iodine compounds, and citric acid. We can purchase chemical products and then follow the instructions to perform minor pest control in the home ourselves by unwanted visitors. For larger threats, we need to seek professional help.

Possible preventive measures

The most vulnerable areas in the home are the bathroom and kitchen, where humidity is high. Experts recommend good steam ventilation, good ventilation, and keeping furniture at least 5 cm away from the wall when placing it. However, this is a very complex matter, and in a house, it is important that the entire building responds to changes in external conditions, such as cold, to protect people and objects in the building, and to maintain a balance between moisture ventilation and, in turn, the potential for mold growth.