Perhaps every man in the world would like to have the perfect wife at home.7] For a woman to be
the perfect wife, the man must in turn be the perfect husband for her. There is no such thing as perfection, but when a man falls in love, he sees the world a little differently. In the olden days, marriages lasted until death do us part. When we look at modern marriages, they usually end because of trivial trifles.

krásná žena

If you feel that your husband is perfect for you and you are not the perfect wife or daughter-in-law for him, why not at least try to get a little closer to that?
Your husband is not going to turn up his nose at the dinner you prepare. Most men are tired after work and all he needs is a warm welcome. On top of that, cooking his favorite meal will make him very happy.

The calm atmosphere is also very nice. If you turn off all the appliances before your husband arrives and warn the children not to make a fuss, he will be very pleased.

What we women want from men is to listen. But the reverse is also true. We women have a lot to say to him during a long day, and maybe he has something to say to you too. Give him some space.
What makes any man happy is that you laugh at his jokes, even if you don\’t find them funny.

The secret to a lasting marriage is for us women to treat our men well. A smile or a kiss will always please him and make his day.
It is important that we at least meet his needs and be there for him. Communication is very important. Communication is very important.
I think any man will be pleased if we compliment him. It is good to show him that you overlook his small flaws (if you are infatuated and don\’t see any flaws at all) and that you appreciate his good qualities.

If you follow these points, you are guaranteed a long marriage.