Snuggle and snuggle – Do you like seals? Then the name seal may remind you of a trait that adds juice to any relationship and, most importantly, immense trust. They cuddle and snuggle up to their loved ones. Then there is only one thing…

Massage – alternating between each other and also alternating between different techniques and areas of attention. Sometimes the massage can “turn” erotic and lead to bed-in, but it does not always have to, and sometimes mutual tenderness and attentiveness is enough. Body massage is always stimulating and relaxing, and should be enjoyed at least once a day. Doing so will remove the buildup of stress that we bring home with us, like mud on the bottom of our shoes.

dívka na posteli

Scratching your hair – This is one of the most effective techniques to release inner tension and strengthen partnership credibility at the same time. Although it may not seem so, this is a very intimate issue. You may have seen mechanical gossippers in various specialized e-shops, but the best gossippers are your nimble fingers anyway. Give it a try!

masáž partnerky od partnera

Writing on your back – As a child, you may have encountered the game with your parents of having your fingers write various messages on your back and guessing what they were. When you are with your partner in bed, this can be an interesting charge and possibly enhance and improve sex.

Bedtime Reading – Try reading a passage from the title of your favorite book aloud to yourself and your partner sometime. It may help you both bond and spice up your relationship better than sitting in front of the TV. If you want to keep your relationship on track, keep your TV viewing to a minimum, as well as your contact with your cell phone. Cell phones and television are likely to bring problems into a relationship, alienate people, and such a relationship will quickly fall apart.