Compliment everything.

Once you\’re in a position where you can do almost anything to get compliments, you should ease off the gas pedal. Not only will you become unnecessarily preoccupied, but you will not pursue what is important. Of course, praise is important, but it is also you who should be praised. You are the one who knows best what you excel at and what is worthy of praise. At the same time, you are aware of what you lack and what you need to improve. Therefore, to the extent that working on yourself is enjoyable and not an ordeal, focus on the areas in which you want to be.
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Always be perfect.

Even women are only human, and as women we are not obligated to be perfect all the time. Above all, be clear about what perfection means to you. You have the right to show that you are tired, to complain that something went wrong, to look like you just ran out of the house, or to show confidence by going shopping without makeup. And of course, don\’t try to create a style that doesn\’t look like you. Not everyone is going to appreciate a frumpy woman in a suit with paint on her nails. Even if it\’s jeans and a flannel shirt, sometimes you just need to tone it down and be yourself.

No matter what, don\’t miss anything.

Do I have to be there all the time and control things that are not directly related to me? If you are not always after something, you are not an active woman. It only shows that you are not planning your day effectively. If you feel out of control, slow down, get your priorities straight, and schedule your day. No one will last long if they have to be active and busy all the time. Who would enjoy living in a state of perpetual limbo?
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Ask for help.

If you think you can do everything on your own, think about how your life looks from the outside. Do you feel like you are being rushed or that everyone around you is always lagging behind? And do you feel that you are not? Take a step back and ask for help without regret. People around you will not see you as incompetent and will gladly help you. On the contrary. Only a strong woman can ask for help.