Most importantly, each couple is different, and relationships need to be treated individually.
One of the most frequently discussed topics in a relationship is the couple\’s free time. Do they spend all their free time together, or do they only see each other when they feel like being together? Is it appropriate to have common interests, or should each focus on their own things? How much time is “just right”?
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If you feel that you have found the partner you are meant to spend the rest of your life with, it is important to look at your entire relationship from a global perspective. If you really do, you don\’t need to freak out that your boyfriend goes out for a beer with his friends every Friday night after work.
If you don\’t see your partner\’s time as valuable, you will soon stop enjoying it. Can you imagine being with someone all the time, every hour of every day? If right now you are adamantly answering “I can,” “I love him,” and “I want to be with him because of that,” then think about this question from the opposite perspective. He will never leave you, and he will never give you room to do the things that only you like to do or that you think are your own private moments. He will cling to you like a tick and you will not move. After a while, you will feel the urgent need to shake off your lover in order to relieve yourself. So, think about what you would want in an extreme situation to make you feel comfortable. And if you come to the conclusion that it is actually not that much, and that it is not a hindrance to take a break from yourself once in a while, take a breather, take care of yourself, and then focus on the couple as a whole again, do not ask your partner to take such steps as well.
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If you still fear that much time spent apart will soon lead to estrangement, think about the positive aspects that being apart has brought in the past, things to look forward to in each other, shared experiences, having someone to talk to about what you have experienced, each listening to each other\’s experiences, sharing their problems as well as their successes, encouraging each to do what they enjoy – even if it means that the whole couple is not physically together.