Do you love photos or do you just want your family to be in them at all times? There are several common solutions, but the special ones will surely surprise you. Read on to learn about them.
Photo Frames
You can put a regular sized photo in a photo frame. Its advantage is that it can be placed anywhere and moved to another location. These frames usually have a backrest so that the photo can be placed on the mantelpiece, for example. It also allows for frequent replacement of the photo.
Fotoaparát u kufru
Digital photo frameskamínkové fotorámečky
One of the more modern ones you can purchase for your photos. A photo frame with a screen that allows you to replay your photos over and over again. You can also place it anywhere you like and play back an almost unlimited number of photos. Just choose which photos you want, and each time you look at this interesting decoration, you will see a different photo without having to change the paper photo.
kamínkové fotorámečky
Frames for larger sized photos are already being made. In the age of digital photography, it is no longer at all difficult to print everything in large format. Here, frames of various sizes are being made, not at all restricted to the maximum size.
Strange as it may seem, it is nowadays possible to create wallpaper and posters from photographs. This allows, for example, an entire wall of a room to be decorated with a favorite photo. The disadvantage is that you have to be careful not to distort the photo when applying it. And most importantly, once it is affixed to the wall, it cannot be removed without damaging it again.
Special Designs[29]
Now we come to the non-traditional versions. The first is the wallpaper version. You can hire a really dexterous painter to handle the pictures on the wall. He will redraw the pictures.
Now, back to electronics and technology for a moment. A photograph can be laser etched into crystal or glass. If you have a small size plexiglass engraved with a photo in this manner, you can set it on a prepared ice base to create a decorative lamp. This option is better suited for portraits than landscapes.
And now you can choose a photo to enjoy anywhere in your home.