We all know that relationships are not always perfect in the family, and it doesn\’t have to be just in the family. It can also be a labor relationship or a friendly relationship. I know well that when you have a really bad relationship in the family, it is very sad and sometimes even incomprehensible, sometimes it is like people have a bad relationship in the family just because they quarrel, for example. And it\’s for small talk and stupidity. Sometimes it\’s really so sad and overwhelming. I may also have heard the two arguing just because one woman bought a pair of shoes in a completely different shade than the one her husband was paying for.

Mějte pěkné vztahy v zaměstnání.

Do you think it\’s okay to discuss who will buy your shoes shades and colors? In my opinion, this is completely nonsense, and it is very ignorant and inappropriate. It\’s not appropriate because people are talking about it in public. I don\’t like this at all, so I think people should also strengthen their relationship. It also depends on how you feel and what you want. What do you expect from a love relationship or a family relationship or a friendship relationship?

Snažte se o dobré vztahy.

Among other things, I recommend that you have a perfect relationship not only in the family, but also in the workplace. You know, at work, actually at work, you spend a really big part of your life, and also almost every day you are there for eight or even ten hours and because someone does 12s, if you have a really uncomfortable relationship and there are enemies out there, your working hours are really very uncomfortable, and you know that I am very uncomfortable. My colleagues and I understand very well, so I\’m so lucky that I actually look forward to my work every day. In my work, the relationship is really warm, it\’s great, and I\’m really grateful.