For us, opening our hearts to others is not easy. We believe that if we keep something to ourselves, we will not lose it. It is as if love is not about love or sincerity, but about giving someone something that they may irrevocably lose or, even worse, expose their weakness. How many of us want to be seen as superheroes in our daily lives? Is that why we lock ourselves away in seemingly safe caves, wall-to-wall with shame, guilt, fear, sadness, and ultimately loneliness? And what would happen if we finally lit a fire in our hearts and let others warm us with it? Might it pay to look inward and open our hearts to love?

pár dělá z rukou tvar srdce

Many of us have experienced events in our lives that have shaken our sense of security. Often it is they who become close to others while closing off the path to experiencing the most beautiful emotions in the world. Our challenge is to heal our hearts so that we can fully open them to love.

Opening the heart

To have a true relationship with another person requires us to open our hearts completely, without masks, to show the nakedness of our hearts. On the one hand, this can be difficult, but on the other hand, only in such a relationship can one truly love another and experience love. It is wonderful to be able to be who you are and to know that the other person loves you. That is why it is so important to be open with yourself. Another benefit that comes from it is a true knowledge and understanding of oneself.
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Harmony between giving and receiving

The balance between giving and receiving is very important. It is not only a skill, but also an art, an essential component of lasting relationships. Why is it important? In situations where something is given and not received, the flow of energy is fluctuated and disturbed. Such disturbances negatively affect relationships. With an open heart, one can not only give with joy and without expectation, but also receive with gratitude without feeling that one has to give something back. With such harmonious interactions, there is a sense of accomplishment and a natural acceptance of what others are trying to give us.