Komerční banka is one of our oldest banks and its number of clients is constantly increasing.
For housing purposes, in addition to conventional and American mortgages, the bank offers other options related to the purchase of homes, renovations, remodeling, and home improvements.
štítek na klíčích

The repayment period is 30 years, and loans can be obtained for up to 90% of the mortgaged property. It is possible to purchase real estate or communal apartments, settle co-ownership or inheritance claims, renovate or modernize, build new buildings, or refinance already financed loans.

Mortgages in the United States
If you want to mortgage a property you own and use the loan for whatever you want, there is the American Mortgage. The loan can be for up to 70% of the property price, from CZK 200,000 up to CZK 10 million, with a repayment period of up to 20 years, and the borrowed money can be withdrawn for two years. The advantage is that there is no need to prove what the funds were used for.

Pre-Mortgage Loans konstrukce dřevostavby
Provided for a short period of time to fund housing when real estate is not yet secured, and can also be used for renovations and prepayments. The loan is unsecured and up to SEK 3 million. Uses are limited and must be supported by required documentation.
konstrukce dřevostavby

If a building savings plan is in place and a certain amount needs to be set aside, a building savings bridge loan is available. This can be used without having to fulfill the requirements for a regular loan, no guarantor or collateral is required, and the loan limit is SEK 700,000. The funds can be used to purchase furniture for the apartment as well as for re-construction.
Mortgages can also be arranged via the Internet, and according to the current price list, SEK 2,900,000 is charged for application evaluation and SEK 1,000,000 to 4,500,000 for risk evaluation, with various promotions available that offer reduced fees.