Menstruation is still a socially taboo subject, but it is a normal occurrence that all women encounter on a regular basis. Fortunately, we live in the age of tampons, which allow us to function quite normally. Unfortunately, however, for a variety of reasons, not all women can use tampons. Thus, there is no other option than pads. Every one of us probably used pads at first. Looking back, it was terrifying. Especially in the summer, that leaking plastic is not very pleasant or sanitary. In gym class, they would roll up to my back when I ran. I have heard several stories of poor girls whose pads fell out of the hem of their pants or under their skirts. Fortunately, that doesn\’t happen with tampons.Menstruační kalíšek.jpg
However, there is another drawback to using tampons. This disease is caused by blood retention in the body during menstruation, which results in a buildup of toxins and the adhesion of toxic substances along with the blood to the mucous membranes that would normally be expelled from the body. [Because this disease is so common, many scientists have come up with a solution: menstrual cups. A menstrual cup is a silicone cup that is inserted into the body to “catch” menstrual blood. It can be used over and over again, making it a pretty good investment in terms of financial savings. Let\’s take a look at the store prices of menstrual products. The purchase price ranges from 150 to 1,000 CZK. Růžová kasička.jpgJust like tampons, cups come in several sizes, so there is something to fit every woman. The only and biggest drawback, and the reason many women still avoid them, is the insertion method. By folding the cup, grasping it with your fingers, and inserting it correctly, you allow the cup to curl up inside your body, creating some degree of vacuum and ensuring that the cup stays in place during strenuous activity. Otherwise, the cup would tilt inside the body and everything would leak out. I was scared at first too, but once I got my hands on one of these, I\’ll never give up my cup again.