1.       Marriage
The classic form of love, the most ordinary and classic form. A man and a woman meet, get to know each other, fall in love, agree that they want to spend life together, move, get married and last as long as possible.
2.       Woman and Woman/ Partner Love between Man and Man
This form of love is still less common or less experienced, even though it is becoming more common today. People who prefer this form of love to the love shown to the opposite sex have long been oppressed and have not had the opportunity to show themselves in public. Fortunately, this is the past, and that is why it has now become a common form of love.
dítě s otcem
3.       Parent-child relationship
The love that exists between an adult and his newborn child is usually the strongest and purest form of love. Sometimes it really takes a lifetime, sometimes unfortunately we lose it. Although this form is difficult to explain, it can bring some difficulties and complications to our lives, but it is definitely an experience
4.       The love of brothers and Sisters
This love can sometimes be complicated and perhaps not the most personal of the above. Anyone lucky enough to have a brother knows it. It is often unspoken love, but it is there. Someone has a very good relationship with a brother, someone has a little cool relationship, someone may have a lot of support with a brother, someone is not so again, but a certain relationship is always there.
držící se pár
5.       Love between Humans and animals
This form can be unexpectedly strong and aggressive. Love for pets is something special and often enough for us to live. We can support it, understand it, meet free moments and find fun that we ourselves will not experience. In addition, he has something absolutely unique – he will not let you down.
There are really many forms of love and we need to realize them, we should defend it, without it it is non-for us to live, whether you are extroverted or introverted, you will need love in your life.