How open are you emotionally? How many times a month do you tell your partner that you love him or her? Are you uncomfortable saying these words? Are you uncomfortable exposing yourself, especially if you are expected or told repeatedly by your partner, and you don\’t know how to explain how you feel or that you love him or her? Don\’t worry, you are never alone. [72 percentof men and 41 percentof womenreport that they are not good at saying the words, and if they do,they want it to be something important. They do it on special occasions, such as important anniversaries or proposals. Most stated that words of love should only be spoken if you are sure of it and know you mean it.
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Why are we afraid to say “I love you”
Psychologists believe it is because it is expected. Today, unchanging love is a luxury for many of us. In addition, many of us fear that we will not be accepted or that once we say it out and leave our partner, we have lied to them and betrayed them . Nowadays, there is the added factor of parental divorce. Children in families disrupted by divorce are up to 94 percent more afraidto utter words of love.

Ways to let your partner know you care without saying “I love you”

§ Share the household chores, and if you both work, help with half the chores
§ Show mutual respect and appreciation
§ Forgive and let things go, Let go of things you once argued about
§ Cuddle and touch each other
§ Do something leisurely together
§ Remember your partner in little things every day; text them or give them candy