Maturita from the Czech language consists of 3 fairly different parts. From oral exams (literature), from didactic tests (grammar), from written works (stanzas). There is no benefit to those who read. Such individuals can graduate left-back. In literature, this is due to the knowledge of the given works, in the vocabulary, thanks to the “loaded” expression of spelling and style, respectively, they already have the prerequisites for creating logical units, chronology of continuity and many other things that are expected from written speech.
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How do you go to college? We deal with 1 part one after another:
didactic tests. By type, the same task is displayed every year. So the ideal is to find a test from previous years, try to fill it out one by one, check it and justify each answer well and thoroughly. Sample tasks and types Tasks can be found directly on the unified test publisher website. In addition, it is also good to develop strategies using a scoring system for individual tasks. There are some unanswered questions that need to be answered at the last minute.
Written works. Most of us call it the word “stanza” Here you need to choose a simple number.It is most likely to find itself in an assignment. The ideal is storytelling and reporting. Simple stories are always put together by everyone. But, as they say, it is necessary to make sure that the story has a “head and heel.””Then the report will have to be written in full in the past and deal with what has already happened. Finally, you can insert insights that will take place in the future (for example, looking forward to next year).
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Oral examination. Here you need to talk not only about the work you draw, but also about the author and his time, circumstances and historical context at the time of creation. Therefore, in addition to downloading and playing audiobooks, it is very practical to find documents about the author and the time he lived and created.
If you follow all these tips, you should successfully complete the Czech State Baccalaureate.