If people maintain really good relationships, of course it has all the good effects on the environment, especially the family, so to really maintain the best quality relationships, I would like to recommend that you not discuss them at all in the family. I remember my aunt always quarreled with her husband, uncle, it was really terrible. They actually lived 2 blocks away from us, and every time they discussed in the garden, the whole street must have heard it. On the street there were 15 houses. We all knew each other there. And sometimes there were quarrels, but that\’s always when there\’s really a lot of people somewhere, and everyone never agrees 100%.

Chci být vždycky šťastná.

Maybe 1 opinion or 1 way to do something. So I told myself that instead of arguing, I\’d better lower my eyes, ears, and tail, and I wanted to go home so I didn\’t have to argue with anyone. Believe it or not, a lot of people have already told me that they want to get away from the discussion rather than express my opinion. But I always have a completely different opinion, it\’s not an opinion, it\’s not a B or B opinion, but it\’s always a C opinion.

Snažíte se o dobré vztahy?

But every time I offer this, everyone laughs at me, so I don\’t know why I should keep stirring and stirring our relationship before I leave. I think I\’m doing a good thing. This is what I said at a neighbor\’s meeting and said that I always prefer to leave because my 3rd opinion is not interested in anyone at all. Then what would I do there? Besides, I think unnecessary quarrels are really bad because it takes 2 weeks or 1 month for someone to make up with someone. This seems unnecessary and, most importantly, long. And believe me, no one will want to prolong their suffering just by arguing unnecessarily.