Whether in a home with a mother or in a daycare or kindergarten, children are surrounded primarily by women. In some professions, the masculine element is rarely seen. However, a male element in education is certainly necessary.
This is why children should have male role models from an early age. Of course, it would be ideal if it were the father, but that is not always possible, so an uncle, grandfather, good friend, or even a soccer coach can be a perfect substitute.
malování s dcerou
How to do it
The role of the father is socially defined and is primarily to provide for the family financially. While the two will never be equal in power, there should never be an absence of a male element from the lives of small children. Fathers, uncles, or grandfathers are less likely to take a custodial approach to parenting and more likely to be more distant, going back to their youth to teach them other things, introducing them to cars, motorcycles, and guns, and being more playful and creative.
While I often enjoy films in which situations in which fathers have to take care of their children are depicted in a humorous and slightly lighthearted way (for example, Maria Polednyaková\’s great comedy “The World is Funny with You”), gentlemen can actually take care of their children without any major problems or carambola can do.
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It is naive to think that men can completely supplant women\’s position; their powers should be balanced, and children should take in only the best of each.
An example of this is a father who chooses to take parental leave or telecommute so he can take his children to school or clubs. Common interests include sports and other physical activities, which the children can do alone without the supervision of a caring mother.
Whatever form of parenting you choose to involve your partner in, the important thing to remember is that he or she has an irreplaceable role to play.