Everything is getting more expensive, from energy and groceries to cosmetics and cultural events. More and more people are tightening their belts and thinking about where they can save money. The first thing women come up with is cosmetics. If you take a hint from our tips, then you\’ll see that your wallet definitely won\’t get any thinner.

Follow the ingredients

You are buying a high quality cream from a world famous brand. They contain a variety of ingredients that are important for the skin. From hyaluronic acid to retinol to collagen. Because they are heavily advertised, they are also expensive. But beware, this rule is not always true. Most of the time, you are paying for the expensive brand and advertising, and the cheaper product will contain the same ingredients. So don\’t rush to buy, read and compare ingredients.


Buy only what you really need

That red color of the new gloss is amazing. Never mind that I only used it once at my sister\’s bachelorette party and then went back to a nude lip. Before you buy, first think about whether you really need and will use the product. Do not buy excess products for the drawer. Conversely, don\’t be afraid to stock up on products you use regularly. To do so, take advantage of discount promotions and loyalty cards.

Loyalty cards, discount coupons, and special promotions can also help you save the pennies in your wallet. Watch for flyers in drugstores and perfume stores. You can often get really great discounts.

Follow e-shop promotions

Follow promotions from your favorite e-shops and take advantage of discount codes sent to you, for example, on free shipping days or as birthday gifts. Many e-shops also allow you to earn points by signing up for membership, which can be converted into smaller discounts or gifts over time.

Try to avoid impulse purchases. Impulse purchases are the bane of your wallet. The items you buy may not fit and end up sitting on your bathroom shelf, rotting and being thrown away. Don\’t be shy about asking for samples of creams and cosmetics at the store. You can also find samples in magazines.


Something else worth doing

  • Do a beauty product sweep every three months
  • Use price comparisons to find the cheapest products
  • Read (and of course write) product reviews
  • Shop only on verified e-commerce sites.