How do you ask. The answer is obvious. You can\’t shake hands, cuddle or kiss when you meet or meet. People are more likely to stay in peace and safety at home and not go out. Cities, especially the last day of the week – Sunday – orphans, it seems as if life has died. But it\’s just an illusion. The times are not so black and sad. Only people are more worried and worried about their health. Therefore, they are more likely to be stuck at home rather than looking for others. They allow you to contact the outside world with relatives, classmates, teachers, friends and good friends, respectively, using telephone conversations, Skype conversations, FB profiles and other social networks. At least take advantage of these opportunities and do not approach yourself. This is the beginning of the end, and depression can creep in. Especially on rainy days in autumn, when the nights are longer and the days are shorter, there is less natural light, the sun does not shine, and depression increases.

udržování vzdálenosti 2 metrů v době korony

Avoid them. If you feel you are sinking into despair, look for a social phone line that offers professional psychological help and talks to professionals. Try not to let your feelings disappear into the depths of the soul. Then it will be difficult to heal. Stop the slump and call your relatives, family members, children, your GP or the above experts who are specifically trained for tough conditions at a time when you are still at risk of contracting Covid-19. Do not be shy and dial a number that can be found on the website, or it can be found on TV news or on various leaflets distributed by employees of the Czech Post.

mladý pár s rouškami na obličeji

If you have the opportunity and are not literally paralyzed by fear, it is better to go out every day for a walk at least. And draw energy from the movement. The brain is oxygenated and you come to other thoughts. If you follow all the rules, have a clean mask on your face, feel free to wear gloves and walk will only benefit you