Is the aquarium for the kids or for you?

You can\’t just go to a shopping center, pick out an aquarium set, pour in some water, and call it a day. In fact, you get a small natural habitat at home. It definitely takes a lot more than that to make it work in an artificial environment.
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Why not an aquarium set

Companies equip these sets with low quality accessories so that the price is not too high for beginners in fish keeping. They may be sufficient for basic operation, but after a while you will realize that you need to buy something better and more powerful. The original ones end up in the box anyway.
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“Aquarium body”

Get the “glass” itself first. You can buy ready-made glass in a variety of sizes. Or, ask a glassblower to glue it to your size. Plan in advance where you will place the aquarium, both for load and aesthetics. Not only will children enjoy it, but it will also provide a quiet and well-designed interior. Remember that the aquarium is a decorative piece, so don\’t be afraid to use it as a decorative piece.


Be careful when choosing techniques. There is a wide range of options at different price points. The best places to buy are specialized online stores that will gladly advise you.
The most important technique in an aquarium is a good filter. Depending on the amount of water you have, you can get a decent one for as little as $1,000. The power of the lights you need is also calculated accordingly. So the price is already a bit higher. Finally, you will buy a heater, which is the cheapest piece of equipment and will cost about 400 crowns.
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“Buy a biotope”

You need a good quality “bottom” and you can buy anything from special Japanese sand to regular sand. Note that this will be used for a long time and is difficult to replace if the aquarium is well established. Begin selecting aquatic plants, ornaments, rocks, roots, etc. Remember that fish thrive best in their natural habitat whenever possible, and here again, less is more. There are no limits to your imagination, but if you like pirate ships and divers, try putting them in your aquarium.


Take final and even more careful precautions when purchasing fish. Find out what types of fish you can keep in your freshwater aquarium, how difficult they are to keep, and how many individuals are appropriate for the amount of water you have. What about the classics as well as smaller frogfish and shrimp, or all together? It\’s up to you. Of course, the more exotic animals you want to keep, the more difficult they will be to care for. Be careful where you buy aquatic animals. Supermarkets and pet stores often carry sick or old fish, and the prices are high. Specialty fish auctions are the best places to buy directly from breeders.

So do you still allow “fish bowls” for children? Don\’t forget that much of the classic care will be yours anyway. And we have only touched on this subject a little.