Men often decide whether their partner should have or not and discuss the traumas, problems and shortcomings of relationships with friends.After all, in a pub on beer, everything is always solved quickly, energetically and at once. She\’s just stupid and that\’s all. In doing so, it can go from a lack of information to a very mediocre misunderstanding. Women, unlike men, live in cycles. It should be remembered that the shells of their bodies are adapted to the reproduction of offspring, and this is a very complex process.
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Our men can hardly imagine what it would be like to carry a fetus into the body for 9 months – a creature. In this connection, the female body always regularly prepares for the stage at which the male sperm can be received, and this process is characterized by 4 stages: dynamic, ovulation, premenstrual and menstruation.
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Physical symptoms during menstruation

The shape of the body changes, the management of fluid is different, the chest becomes larger, the body becomes swollen, the movement is slow, the dynamic and not mature dragonfly, but the clumsy te
The body also needs enough sleep and rest due to the fact that more blood leaves it. Therefore, it is also necessary to provide nutrients with enough moisture in the form of a healthy diet. Instead of sports, it is better to plant it better.
The logical mind retreats to the background, memory and analytical thinking deteriorate. Also, it is not recommended to drive the vehicle during this period and prefer to leave it to others.
The body shell is set to recharge and play mode.

Follow your Heart

At this stage, a woman wants to be alone. They are not very interested in hanging out with people, communicating and solving something. Men are often surprised that their otherwise beloved partner scolds them for nonsense, that he acts nervously towards them, that he simply can not stand her.
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But there is an advantage to this, in the sense that women are more attuned to the spiritual realm of inward–inward conversion. Often they have a state of mind, as if in harmony with the surrounding universe, comes a state of heightened intuition. Instead of action, there is simply a state of being and meditation.
The ideal is to switch off, drop out, not deal with the past, but only deal with the present. It is suitable for a fragrant bath, reading popular literature, watching romantic films and comedies, and expressing the artistic spirit through artistic activities.