[Superstitions, myths, and dogmas have hurt people for centuries. Sometimes, however, they arise very innocently. Like the game of “silent mail”. Someone has an experience, and instead of keeping it to themselves, they pass it on, and over time, the entire content gets twisted and turned around among people in surprising ways.Men never go “alone” to the pub, they are always there. [In fact, they only drink one beer, two at most. Not many men get drunk every day and become alcoholics in need of rehabilitation. Most men are even responsible for themselves, especially if they meet friends at the destination they are driving to. Then they order mineral water and coffee at a tavern and have a meal.
na pláži za ruku
When women talk, men do not listen.But depending on what you two are talking about, he will listen. The topic must be interesting and constructive. Communication between partners must be mutual and must always lead to results and solutions and have meaning. For example, if a woman complains about a female colleague at work, there may be envy there as a manifestation of self-consciousness. Such a conversation will not solve anything and the partner will not be very enthusiastic about it. Work on yourself a bit and take an interest in what you and your partner enjoy doing. This will make your relationship stronger and of higher quality.
učení golfu
Any good man can handle anything. He can fix a washing machine, he can make furniture. Foolishness was established during the socialist era. Today, the fields of human activity are more highly specialized; not every surgeon can get under a car, not every locksmith can grow orchids. Moreover, a growing percentage of young people are completely unfamiliar with manual labor. They can install a new version of Microsoft Office, but they can\’t tell you to build a bird feeder out of wood!
novomanželé na pláži
To put it mildly, men stink. Let\’s leave aside the more peppery expressions when men don\’t smell like women. Of course, the intensity of a man\’s odor and hygiene are important, but eating habits, alcohol, and tobacco are also important factors that make life unpleasant.
However, when a man does not smell like a woman, it is usually a sign that they may be genetically incompatible. It has been shown that some men\’s sweat rejects some women while some women are even aroused by it.